Episode 1

Navigating Politics, Celebrating Jack London, and Exploring Cultural Shifts

Published on: 6th February, 2024

In the inaugural episode of "Yanks & Krauts," hosts Marcus Schuler and Austin Bah embark on a compelling journey through a diverse range of topics, blending politics, literature, and cultural observations. Recording from San Rafael, California, Marcus, a German expat, and Austin, a native Californian, offer their unique perspectives on current political scenes and life in the Golden State.

The episode kicks off with a discussion about the approaching U.S. presidential elections, delving into the political dynamics and the complexities at the southern U.S. border. They discuss President Joe Biden's increasingly assertive approach, contrasting it with former President Donald Trump's recent public appearances and statements, exploring the implications for the upcoming presidential race. The episode concludes with a cultural discussion, touching upon the influence of celebrities like Taylor Swift in politics, and a nod to local brewing culture, reflecting on the evolving tastes in beer.

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About the Podcast

Yanks & Krauts
Transatlantic Takes on Politics, Culture, Art, and Life
"Yanks & Krauts" is a weekly podcast hosted by Austin Bah from California, and Marcus Schuler, who moved from Germany to the US seven years ago and now lives in California.

Mainly focusing on the U.S. landscape, the show offers a unique blend of perspectives, delving into current political developments, and a rich array of cultural topics, including literature, movies, and music. Austin and Marcus, referred to as the “Yank” and the “Kraut,” respectively, engage in lively and insightful discussions, exploring various subjects with a mix of depth and humor.

“Yanks and Krauts “ is an ideal podcast for those interested in a transatlantic viewpoint on American life and politics, and discussions on universal cultural themes.

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