Episode 4

In the Shadow of Giants - Navalny, Trump, Willis

Published on: 23rd February, 2024

🎙️ From the cold streets of Berlin to the heated courtrooms of Georgia, join Austin and Marcus of Yanks & Krauts as they navigate through the labyrinth of current events that shape our world.

This week, we confront the somber realities of global politics and the fragile state of democracy—the harrowing reality of Alexey Navalny's alleged assassination—an act that exposes the ruthlessness of Putin's regime. We also cast a critical eye on the responses from global leaders, including a particularly self-centered take from former President Trump that ignites a firestorm of debate. The conversation takes a sharp turn to Georgia, USA, where the legal battles against Trump's election interference unfold. Then the Yank explains "where babies come from" to Tommy Tuberville. 

Through a blend of sharp analysis and thought-provoking analogies, we explore the intricate dance of democracy and justice, challenging our listeners to ponder the real implications of these events on the fabric of American society.

With each topic, "Yanks & Krauts" cuts through the noise, offering deep insights and fostering a conversation that is as enlightening as it is urgent. This episode is a journey through the shadows cast by giants on the world stage—a must-listen for those who dare to look beyond the headlines.

Tune in now for an episode that promises not just to inform, but to provoke thought, stir emotions, and inspire action. "Yanks & Krauts" #4: In the Shadow of Giants, is available on our website and all major podcast platforms.


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