Episode 13

DeNiro Goes Godzilla On Trump, Ken Burns Schools Us, Time To Choose Your Future

Published on: 29th May, 2024

You can't call it trolling when you come as big as Robert DeNiro did in front of the New York courthouse where a jury deliberates Donald Trump's fate. He came so big, the Yank is calling it "Going Godzilla."

On the theme of naming things, you call it "The Hush Money, Porn Star Case," but the case properly known as "The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump," is the only Trump case not stalled right now.

Global Warming is sending our wineries North. The Kraut declares German Gewurztraminer worth a sip, finally. The Yank can't say it no matter how hard he tries. Gervertzermeener anyone? How about a Gewurtz? Moderately chilled, not on ice, you gauche American!

Can we take a broad enough view of history, and of the future at the same time, to prevent a civil war. Kurt Vonnegut calls on us to think big in the fourth dimension (The novel Slaughterhouse Five). The Yank and Kraut are also recommending the film, an oldie, The Boys From Brazil. Would you kill a baby Hitler?

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