Episode 12

Cold Civil War at Home, Hot One In The Theater

Published on: 14th May, 2024

Can the film Civil War by Alex Garland, starring Kirsten Dunst, tell us anything new about the United States, or is it just a zombie movie without the zombies? Or is it A Star is Born without the songs? We are living a cold civil war in real time. Can the film help us prevent a hot one at home?

The Trump trials are trying the patience of judges and Americans. VP hopefuls show up in court. Are they standing in for the missing wife?

The Yank and Kraut respond.

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"Yanks & Krauts" is a weekly podcast hosted by Austin Bah from California, and Marcus Schuler, who moved from Germany to the US seven years ago and now lives in California.

Mainly focusing on the U.S. landscape, the show offers a unique blend of perspectives, delving into current political developments, and a rich array of cultural topics, including literature, movies, and music. Austin and Marcus, referred to as the “Yank” and the “Kraut,” respectively, engage in lively and insightful discussions, exploring various subjects with a mix of depth and humor.

“Yanks and Krauts “ is an ideal podcast for those interested in a transatlantic viewpoint on American life and politics, and discussions on universal cultural themes.

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