Episode 10

By The Time You Hear This...

Published on: 19th April, 2024

Everything might be different. When we recorded this morning, we were waiting to see if Israel would respond to Iran's missile and drone attack. Well, Israel seems to have launched an attack on a radar installation near--wait for it-- Iran's nuclear development site. Is this a kinetic message or the first step in a multi-stage mission?

By the time you hear this, Mike Johnson, the Tenuous Speaker of the House, might be the Former Speaker of the House since Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to oust him if he votes for Ukrainian and Israeli aid on the House Floor, which he vows to do. He'd rather be Churchill than Chamberlain.

Former President Donald Trump is a bad boy in court when he is not sleeping. Will he be held in contempt?

And the Kraut doesn't want to sing along to Neil Diamond songs. (The Kraut can't sing, but the Yank can't either...)

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